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Simulation Center Recording Studio

The nursing simulation and skills center at the NMSU Las Cruces campus has three lab rooms and two specialized simulation rooms. There is a four-bed lab, a six-bed lab, and a seven-bed lab that are all equipped with functioning hospital beds, bedside tables, suction equipment, simulated oxygen and medical gas. Each station has fully working blood pressure cuffs and instruments for eye and ear assessments. There are also two stretchers available similar to those used in an emergency department or for transporting to and from an operating room.

The simulation center has two functions; the first is to teach hands-on nursing skills to the students enrolled in nursing courses such as Principles of Nursing Practice or Maternal Child Nursing. The second is to actively engage students in the nursing process through simulated patient-care scenarios. Simulation increases their understanding of the role of the nurse by applying their skills in a scenario with a manikin or standardized patient, in a safe learning environment.

The nursing simulation labs have many tools available for the nursing student to gain confidence in their skills. The labs have a variety of task trainers such as IV arms for practicing the insertion of an intravenous catheter and practice pads for subcutaneous or intramuscular injections. The labs have a variety of life-size manikins: adults, children, and different size infants. Some of these manikins have the ability to generate heart, lung and bowel sounds for the students to listen to.

SimMan & SimBaby

SimMan Simulation

Students work on safety restraints in lab

One of our main highlights is the SimMan. The SimMan is a high-fidelity manikin that in addition to sounds has a rising and falling chest, multiple pulses and the ability for students to take a blood pressure. The SimMan is located in our simulation rooms. These are set up as a patient rooms and are fully equipped with a video and sound system for recording and play-back of student scenarios using SimMan.

In addition to the SimMan the NMSU simulation center includes a SimBaby, located on an infant warmer. SimBaby, just like SimMan is computer controlled for realistic simulation which allows the students to assess and examine a newborn.

“Noelle” is our delivery simulator who can simulate the birth of an infant on an actual birthing bed, including auscultation of fetal heart tones.


The simulation center is also excited to offer the IRIS Telehealth system. This system allows for two way video communication and health assessment such as listening to the heart and looking in the ear. It allows for provider/nurse communication to or from rural areas where accessibility to healthcare or providers is limited.

Academic EHR

Since many hospitals are currently using or switching to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) the NMSU School of Nursing has incorporated this component into the curriculum. The students in their first semester are trained on the use of EHR Tutor, which greatly improves their abilities to navigate other EHRs and improves their documentation skills.

Open Labs

students in open lab taking blood pressure

Students practice during open lab

The labs also have “Open Lab” hours on a weekly basis so that students may come in and practice their skills under the direction of the Skills Lab Coordinator who is also a registered nurse. Students working on their nursing skills within the labs are provided with the necessary supplies and equipment to complete assignments and projects during visits. Our graduate assistants are available to setup equipment and supplies and to assist students in the labs. Lab hours are available throughout the semester. Check with the Skills Lab Coordinator for more details. Current students can visit the Nursing Skills Lab Student Support site in Canvas to view the semester calendar including the open lab hours.

It is our goal to create an environment that is very similar to what our students will see when they go out to the local health care facilities to complete their clinical hours. The skills lab coordinator and graduate assistants are available throughout the day to assist students with the lab technology and equipment.

Please Contact us for Additional Information:

Nursing Simulation Lab Lab Staff
HSS Rm 118
Phone: (575) 646-3699
Fax: (575) 646-2167
Evangelina Ramirez, Rm 127
College Assistant Professor/Lab Coord

Sharon Flaherty, Rm 132E
Simulation Lab Instructor/Manager