Ruth Burkhart, MSN, MA, RN, BC, LPCC


Ruth Burkhart

Special interests and Research: Ruth has a special interest in helping healthcare leaders to develop effective organizational cultures. She believes strongly in the value of the individual employee, working as part of a positive team and within an effective organizational culture, as the key to positive outcomes. She attributes her success to building solid teams of energized and committed individuals who were able to get past differences and barriers and work toward a common goal. Her research interests lie in the areas of organizational culture (including managerial competency, employee empowerment, and toxic work environments), cultural competency, and health literacy. She has completed research in the U.S. and East Africa: PTSD, Chemical Dependency, and Family Violence (paper presented at a southwest regional addictions conference 1990 – Dr. Lawrence French), PTSD and the Refugee Experience (East Africa – 1995, two publications by MAP International and translated into several languages for use internationally). Additionally, she participated in two research studies with Dr. Laura Burkhart, MD, Diagnosis and Treatment of Childhood Mental Health Disorders in the Pediatric Medical Setting: A Pilot Study, and The Impact of Educating Family Medicine Residents on Post Partum Contraception in a Catholic Based Hospital.

Professional experiences include: Ruth’s professional background includes work experience and expertise in psychiatric nursing, counseling, nursing and health care administration, staff development, and education.

Her education experience includes a three year college/university teaching assignment in East Africa and several years as a nursing faculty in the United States, most recently at New Mexico State University. Ruth holds professional licensures as a Registered Nurse, Board Certified Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse, and as Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor.

Ruth’s professional background includes professional appointments to various local, state, national and international councils and coalitions, including a past appointment to the NM Governor’s Mental Health Planning Council, and a two-year appointment to the Council of an international university in East Africa. Ruth is a past White House appointee as Native American Representative to the Binational Substance Abuse Coalition (US/Mexico border). Ruth has extensive experience in public speaking in the areas of mental health, substance abuse, and cultural competency. She has been a faculty advisor of the Student Nurses Association and is currently the faculty advisor for the new NMSU student group, NAMI on Campus. She is a member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Sigma Theta Tau, the New Mexico Nurses Association, and serves as the District 14 president of the New Mexico Nurses Association.



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