Lori Saiki, PhD, RN

LSaiki19Special Interest and Research: Dr. Saiki’s research interests center on exploring the effect of chronic symptoms on personal relationships.  Her focus is on supporting culturally relevant, community-based education to improve quality of life through teaching evidence-based self-management strategies. She is currently working with the Office of Border Health and the Southern New Mexico Promotora Committee to provide outreach education on self-care for urinary incontinence to community-dwelling, primarily Hispanic adults in the rural, border region of southern New Mexico. Dr. Saiki is also piloting an outreach program to reduce incidence of inconsolable infant crying and to promote healthy sleep patterns for families with infants. 

Professional Experience: Dr. Saiki completed her PhD in Nursing in 2015 from the University of New Mexico. In 2017, Dr. Saiki completed a specialty course of studies in Continence Care management through Emory University, and is a Certified Continence Care Nurse. Dr. Saiki began her nursing career working as a staff nurse in pediatric cardiology, then pediatric oncology, then worked for 14 years as an OB/GYN nurse in a community health clinic in Boulder, Colorado. She is an active member of the Western Institute of Nursing and Sigma Theta Tau International, Pi Omega Chapter. Dr. Saiki is a peer-reviewer for the Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing.


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