Conni J. DeBlieck


Associate Professor
HSSA 202

Conni’s teaching philosophy is to seek out methods that will motivate and assist students in achieving success in the nursing field. Her nursing experience enables her to increase student engagement and assist them in broadening their scope of knowledge. Analysis, intervention, and feedback are central to teaching and nursing in order to achieve effective student learning outcomes or patient care. Teaching is an iterative process that entails getting to know and listening to students, customizing learning opportunities to meet their unique needs, and evaluating the outcome. As with nursing, the teaching process teaches the instructor to continually improve their craft and practice; to provide better instruction and learning opportunities for students.

Conni’s primary focus is on graduate and undergraduate students. In addition to clinical teaching mental health in the undergraduate program, she teaches nursing informatics, community health and wellness, health promotion, and leadership courses.

Her research interests include serving as Co-Chairperson of the Partnership for Informatics in Nursing Education, where she collaborates with colleagues from across the United States of America to develop interactive tutorial case studies for the Omaha System, which assists students in becoming familiar with standardized terminology used in community health nursing. Conni is a subject matter expert with expertise in the standardized terminology used in the Omaha System and student mastery of content learning.


CERT, Post Graduate Certificate Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner New Mexico State University
Doctor of Nurse Practice, University of Minnesota
Master of Science of Nursing, New Mexico State university
Bachelor of Science Nursing, New Mexico State university
Associate Degree of Applied Sciences Nursing, New Mexico State University
Associate Degree of Applied Science Microcomputer Technology, New Mexico State University
Surgical Technician Diploma, Rochester Area Vocational Technical Institute

Awards & Honors

  • Leading the Way Nomination 2019, NMSU - OCIP. (October 9, 2019).
  • William and Mary Margaret Hancock Nursing Faculty Excellence Award. (May 2018)
  • Biltmore Who’s Who’s Member, Biltmore Who’s Who’s. (May 2007).
  • Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society, Sigma Theta Tau - Pi Omega Chapter. (May 2003).
  • Golden National Honor Society Member, Golden National Honor Society. (May 1991).

Clinical Focus

  • Perioperative Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Nurse Informaticist, Omaha System Standardized Terminology Content Expert
  • Psychiatric Mental Health Family Nurse Practice 

Research Interests

  • Evaluating students' knowledge of community health nursing mastery of content using the Omaha System Standardized Terminology and Interactive Case Studies
  • Content mastery and licensure pass rates of FNP students
  • Assessing students' capacity for collaborative learning during an interprofessional educational event
  • Justhealth - provides indicators student mental health and well-being

Selected Publications

  • Eardley, D., Matthews, K., & DeBlieck, C., (2021). Quality Improvement Project to Enhance Student Confidence Using an Electronic Health Record. Journal of Nursing Education • Vol. 60, No. 6, 2021. 397-341. DOI: 3928/01484834-20210520-07
  • Kuchler, E. G., Garner, L., Whitten, L., DeBlieck, C. J., Farra, S., Davis, R., et al. (2020). A strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis– A study of Association of Community/Public Health Nursing Educators members. Public Nursing Journal, 10.
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