Madeline Chalenor


College Professor 
HSS 102C

Dr. Madeline Chalenor is the founding Program Director for NMSU’s Nurse Anesthesiology Program. She attended the US Army’s Graduate Program in Anesthesia Nursing. She served as a active-duty Army officer for 14 years and then transitioned to the Army Reserves for 16 years. She commanded an US Army Reserve hospital and retired with 30 years of military service. She is a recipient of the prestigious 9A Proficiency Designator and member of the Order of Military Medical Merit. As a Department of Defense civilian, she was an Assistant Program Director with the Army’s CRNA program for 11 years. She received her Doctor of Nursing Practice from Texas Christian University in 2014. Her doctoral work included development of a tool to measure emergence delirium in military patients. She has taught a variety of anesthesia and leadership courses in anesthesia and healthcare administration programs for more than 30 years. She is a dedicated educator who believes the best nurse anesthetists not only possess a solid academic and scientific foundation, but also strong emotional intelligence. She is excited to make NMSU the choice for CRNA education in the southwest.


DNP, Texas Christian University
MHS, US Army Graduate Program in Nurse Anesthesiology