Sandra Perez


College Associate Professor
Assistant Director for Student Success 
HSS 310G

Sandra Perez came to nursing rather indirectly. She earned her doctorate in biology and, after years of field research in animal behavior, Dr. Perez became a professor of biology. She found herself teaching increasing numbers of pre-nursing students at UTEP and EPCC. In an effort to better understand the educational needs of her students, Dr. Perez returned to school to earn a BSN and then continued as a practicing RN in the outpatient setting. Dr. Perez is an educator at heart and eventually pursued a master's degree in Nursing Education. She has now returned to the university classroom. Her mission is to help both undergrad and graduate students apply their understanding of biological principles to the observations they make in the clinical setting. Ultimately, her goal is for her students to translate their observations and understanding into concrete actions to help their patients to recover from illness or, better still, to avoid illness altogether. Additionally, Dr. Perez serves as the Assistant Director for Student Success in the School of Nursing.


PhD, University of Miami
MSN, University of Texas at El Paso
BSN, New Mexico State University
BS, University of Pittsburgh

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Clinical Focus

  •  Pathophysiology

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