Shelly R. Noe


Associate Professor

Dr. Noe has a 30-year nursing history specialization in substance use disorders. She began teaching at NMSU in 2004 as a clinical instructor for the Dona Ana Community College. In 2009, she completed an MSN, specializing as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP). As a PMHNP, she worked for the State of New Mexico, Department of Health and was instrumental in developing a Suboxone program to provide care to clients co-occurring mental illness, HIV, and Hepatitis C. She is DATA 2000 waivered to prescribe MAT and treat opioid dependency with Suboxone.

She was hired by the NMSU School of Nursing as adjunct faculty in the MIND Program. Dr. Noe graduated in 2012 first DNP cohort in the State of New Mexico. In 2013, she was hired as an Assistant Professor and appointed as the Director of the PMHNP specialty track program at NMSU.

Dr. Noe’s teaching philosophy is reflective of her overall commitment to mental health and the role of the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. Dr. Noe focuses on the integration of mind, body and spirit and assist individuals as they identify the value, meaning and purpose of their lives. This is accomplished through the investigation of the applications of science to clinical medicine, personal experiences, and the nature of interpersonal relationships. By providing students a deeper understanding of these concepts, Dr. Noe encourages students to incorporate the value and principle of mental health into their own practice.


Post Master’s Certification, Family Practice NP, New Mexico State University
Post Master’s Certificate, Family Psych/Mental Health NP, University of Colorado
Doctor of Nursing Practice, New Mexico State University
Master of Science in Nursing, Adult Psych/Mental Health NP, New Mexico State University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing, New Mexico State University
Associate Degree in Nursing, New Mexico State University

Clinical Focus

  • Increase access to interdisciplinary treatment of opioid use disorders (OUD) and substance use disorders (SUD)

Selected Publications

  • Giron, K., Noe, S.R., Saiki, L., Kuchler, E., & Rao, S. (2020) Implementation of Postpartum Depression Screening for Women Participating in the WIC Program. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association. Manuscript ID JAPNA-2019-QU-072 (In Press).
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