Pre-requisite Course Repeat Policy


Pre-nursing students are allowed to repeat a nursing pre-requisite course one time for a grade replacement in the BSN program admission score calculation. Grades for subsequent repeats of a specific course will be averaged and will include the original grade earned in the course.  Please be aware that NMSU has the following policy on repeating courses:


Undergraduate students: may repeat courses, for a change in grade, when the original grade earned was a D or F.

  • Las Cruces Main Campus students are not allowed to count repeated courses towards the minimum 15 credits required to retain merit-based institutional scholarship.
  • Once a grade of C- or better is earned, the course will then be substituted in the calculation of the grade-point-average and students will no longer be able to repeat that course for change of grade purposes.
  • Student transcripts will continue to show the grade awarded for each course attempt.
  • If the student’s original grade was a D and he/she repeats the course, but receives a F, the second grade will not be substituted for the original.


Please see the NMSU Catalog for the full policy.


Students must also be aware that repeating a course with a grade of C- or better will not count towards the 15-credit minimum required for many forms of financial aid.  Students should consult their financial aid advisor if they have questions about whether repeated courses will be covered by their financial aid packages.

It is recommended that students repeating courses to increase their nursing prerequisite GPA calculation do so in the summer so that their 15-credit minimum registration for many forms of financial aid is not affected. Alternatively, there may be equivalent courses that a student could take for a grade replacement. Please contact your pre-nursing advisor or the School of Nursing Advising Office for more information.